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Miami University 2020 Art Exhibition

Miami University Regional First place winner Katelin Huber! Something Katelin would like everyone to know:

"For my piece “Connections” I was really inspired by outsider art.  Outsider art is an art style that is naive or of child-like wonder.  Last semester I found my love of collaging and putting things together in front of me without any planning or preconceived ideas.  To create “Connections”, I started cutting out different faces, then cut into the faces, then giving them weird brains. It was at the recommendation of my professor, Jen Purdum, that I came up with the idea of having two faces be conjoined together through some psychedelic mandala emitting from them.  After finishing the project and reflecting upon what I created, the feminist ideology ingrained inside the piece dawned on me. I had created a piece that spoke about women being strong, but even stronger when they stand together. To me, “Connections” is about women having each other's backs, and prevailing against life’s uncertainties side by side."

Katelin Huber

Title: Connections

Instructor: Purdum

ART 111 - Intermediate Drawing

Year: October ‘19 - March ‘20

Medium: paper, tape, & glue

Size: 22 x 35

Miami University Regional Second Place winner Nicholas Jung! Something Nicholas would like everyone to know:

"As a student, I am opened to exploring new mediums and learning from the trials and tribulations that are expected with them. Sweaty McSweaty was my first time using the printmaking technique, intaglio, and I was nervous that I would do it all wrong. However, I realized that it was quite easy and managed to create the piece that was presented in the show. By no means am I an expert, but intaglio has become a favorite technique of mine. Sweaty McSweaty was loosely based on incest inspired jewelry popular during the 1920s and 30s. I have always had an interest in fashion from all decades and I try to incorporate those motifs into my work as an artist. I like to explore themes that are of high interest for me and I hope to continue creating artwork long after my college years, maybe establishing my own studio one day."

Nicholas Jung

Title: Sweaty McSweaty

Instructor: Andrew Au

Print 1

Year: 2018-2019

Medium: Intaglio

Size: 7 x 9.25

Miami University Regional Third place winner Elizabeth Arnett! Something Elizabeth would like everyone to know:


"I'm currently a Senior at Miami University, majoring in Psychological Science and co-majoring in Art Therapy. I find it interesting to explore the connections between art, social issues, and the psyche. My piece "Dry as a Bone" was inspired by climate change and the melting ice caps. It is quite dark, focusing on the imminence of death. The light source in the upper right-hand corner offers a glimmer of hope that we can and will change our damaging behaviors. Interestingly enough, the ice caps are improving as of late, likely due to human quarantine. Hopefully, this trend will continue into the future."

Elizabeth Arnett

Title: Dry as a Bone

Instructor: Hanavan

Observational Drawing

Year: 2019

Medium: Charcoal 

Size: 18x24

Miami University Regional First place High School winner Natalie Haverland! Something Natalie would like everyone to know:

"I was inspired to push my limits with pencils. Realism is a subject I enjoy improving and experimenting with!"

Natalie Haverland

Title: Belt

Teacher: Julie Crace

Class: AP Studio Art

Year: Senior

Medium: Graphite pencil/colored pencil

Size: 13 x14

Miami University Regional Second place High School winner Braden Rudisill! Something Braden would like everyone to know:

"I am a senior at Springboro High School and plan to attend the University of Cincinnati this upcoming academic year. Pursuing my passion for the visual arts, I am going to be a part of the five-year DAAP program studying Communication Design. When creating any piece of work, I like to think about the significance of a piece that can transcend the surface of a medium. Whether it is to tell a story or symbolize some ideal, I like to think each of my pieces can present the viewer with some perspective or insight. In this instance, “Sepia Sedona” is an appreciation for the beauty of the natural world. The photograph was taken on a hike through Sedona, Arizona and later edited using photoshop. The subject of the piece is an agave plant that draws viewers in with its peculiar orientation. The composition of the photograph is intended to highlight this and create a sense of balance and serenity. When editing the photograph I purposefully wanted to give the style a timeless effect that is indicative of the southwestern United States location. Crafted using sepia tones and strong contrast, the piece has a vintage appeal to it. Lastly, the piece is also an appreciation for the unique. In such a beautiful landscape, the photograph captures a subject that stands out because of its oddness and protrusion out of the ordinary. It begs the question of what we value as a society. Instead of turning to the artificial illusions of a homogenous society, can we find charm in the untouched and divergent?"

Braden Rudisill

Title: Sepia Sedona

Teacher: Julie Crace

Class: AP Studio Art

Year: Senior

Medium: Photography

Size: 8 x 10

Miami University Regional Third place High School winner Kate Felts! Something Kate would like everyone to know:

"Art finds forever in its various forms and elements, developing and changing with the artists who spread their inspiration and morality. Sometimes I feel as if my work has the ability to speak for me when my mouth isn't able to accurately convey my emotions or when my words aren’t able to keep up with my thoughts. Working with oils has taught me to appreciate every curve and edge of the forms created on canvas. I’ve always been very drawn to light, frothy colours and brushstrokes and I try to convey that ethereality in my work, along with angelic themes and images. This piece was inspired by the story of Saint Foy and the cathedral built after her name in Conques, France. "

Kate Felts

Title: Saint Foy

Teacher: Julie Crace

Class: AP Studio Art

Year: Senior

Medium: Oil paints

Size: 23 x 11

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