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Artist Statement

Art isn’t just words, it’s a sight.  As I progress with my work, I learn new skills and techniques. All of these new findings I learn become helpful to me as an artist. What I learned is that these techniques and skills are easier to create art with. It’s like a personal comfort in my everyday life. As I develop new skills and techniques I find new ways of connecting to others and the world.

Curator Statement

The art show was to be held at Miami University Middletown. There were only to be 40 art pieces total due to the fact that the gallery at Middletown could only hold 40 pieces. I was supposed to pick out a theme for the show, and what ever theme I chose the gallery and the art had to revolve around that theme. At first I had no idea what kind of theme I was going to pick nor did I have a sense of what kind of curator statement to have.


Ever since the COVID-19 came about and forced us out of school, I struggled to figure out what to do for the show. I was considering writing an essay or making a big art piece that was based around the community. A friend of mine gave me an idea of creating a website. It was a great idea, so I emailed Andy and he was on board instantly.


The theme of the art show I came up with is called Talent. All of the art pieces that were submitted are from hard-working students with amazing talents. Going through the pieces I noticed that every student had a special touch in what they created, and every piece deserved to be shown. I wish more students could have participated in the show because I would have enjoyed giving them a chance to show off their talent to everyone. 


I ended up getting 23 students in this show which is an awesome turn out, and they all did a fantastic job. Each and every one of these students are amazing at what they make. If it wasn't for them, I would not be having this art show to share with the community just how talented artists are.

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